Kids Pouring Party

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OoooOOOo shiny!

Create cool resin art using 4Cats acrylics, glitter and non-toxic Liquid Vitreous Medium. Mix, pour and create colourful abstract art on 8×8×1.5 wooden art panels.

Available at participating studios.

Base price includes one hour of art instruction for up to10 participants. Extra charge for extra participants.

Choose your location above to learn more about pricing, extra guest information and for maximum number of party attendees the studio can accommodate. All selections are made in the booking page.



        1. Base price includes one hour of art instructions for up to 10 participants
        2. Suitable for ages 5+
        3. All participants make the same project to ensure optimal instruction (there is always room for creativity!)
        4. Space is limited. We do not have an area for all parents to attend the party with their children.
        5. Artwork Pickup: Pouring panels are available for pick up next day. You will not receive an email for pick up.
        6. We are able to store artwork for 2 weeks only.
        1. Unicorn
        2. Cupcake
        3. Cake
        4. Monster
        5. Swirl of Colours (abstract)
        6. Seasonal options also available—will be shown as an option when completing booking process