Kids Acrylic Painting and Splatter Painting Parties

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  • *Please note: Splatter parties are VERY, VERY MESSY. The person booking the party will need to ensure all guests know to wear old shoes and clothes that can get messy.
  • At canvas painting parties, we use acrylic paints which will not wash out of clothing or shoes. 
  • Parties that are less messy include the oven-bake clay party or earthenware clay party.  See all party choices here
  • However, for all parties, please note there may be wet paint in the studio that may not wash out of clothing. 


Take chances, make mistakes, get painty!

We LOVE painting at the studio! Celebrate together and paint some masterpieces.

Choose your location above to learn more about pricing, extra guest information and for the maximum number of party attendees a studio can accommodate.

All selections are made on the booking page. 

          1. Party includes 1 hour of instruction time and 45 minutes of parent supervised party time.
          2. Suitable for ages 6+ | Splatter party suitable for 3+
          3. Base price includes one hour of art instructions for up to 10 participants including the birthday child. Extra cost for additional guests. 
          4. All participants make the same project to ensure optimal instruction (there is always room for creativity!)
          5. Please note, space is limited. We do not have an area for all guests parents to attend the party with their children.
          6. Artwork Pickup: Paintings are ready for pick up 2 days after the party. Parents will not be called or emailed for painting pick up.
        • CHOICE 1: Everyone paints on their own canvas panel (stretched canvas upgrade available). Choose from:

          1. Impressionist flowers
          2. Van Gogh inspired
          3. Monet inspired
          4. O’Keeffe inspired

          CHOICE 2: Everyone creates a small art piece AND helps create a larger painting together for the guest of honour. Choose from:

          1. Splatter
          2. UV Splatter (at participating studios only)
          3. Pop Art
          4. Pixelcraft

          Ready for the best, most fun party ever?
          Great! Let’s throw paint and get messy!

          1. It is fun.
          2. It is messy.
          3. Best. Party. Ever.

          Everyone loves using our professional art supplies to create bright, beautiful "action paintings" using the techniques of Abstract Expressionism. Splatter painting allows kids the freedom to experiment, let loose and get messy.

          Please choose your studio from the dropdown above for pricing info.


          We begin by having everyone throw paint on their own individual papers. Next, everyone splatters using the techniques of Jackson Pollock! The final painting is a magnificent masterpiece for the birthday person to treasure! You can choose to upgrade and have the canvas stretched. Each guest also creates their own smaller splatter painting to take home.

          There is one hour of art instruction and then the parents have the studio for the last 45 minutes for snacks, cake and presents.

          The guests don’t usually take their pictures home with them as they are really wet. The birthday parent usually picks them up approx. 2 days later. Art needs to be picked up within 2 weeks as our storage space is limited. If you choose to have your canvas stretched this studio will contact you when the stretching is complete.

        • HOW MESSY?
          Yes! Please be dressed for mess! We are a professional art studio and paint can be lurking around any corner! Paint loves to jump onto the least suspecting.

          Our professional art supplies may stain or be unable to wash out of your clothing. Don't worry, the materials used are non-toxic but please leave your fancy ball gowns and top hats at home. Dress informally with casual, loose, and comfortable clothing. 4Cats is not responsible for any damages to clothing or personal belongings.

          HOW MANY GUESTS?

          1. Base price includes 10 participants including the birthday person.
          2. For parties and events over 15 participants please email the studio.A fee is charged for each guest over 10 people (including the guest of honour).

          Each participant creates their own splatter on paper. But, you can choose some of our awesome upgrades in your party choices! 

          ART PICK UP
          The birthday parent usually picks up the painting up 2-3 days later.

          Our policy is to hold art for 2 weeks, please pick up the completed artwork within this time frame. We have lots of eager artists creating many wonderful things and we need to space for new projects. We do our best to hold on as long as possible as we know how precious it is.

          Check your local studio for pricing. Here are your options:

          1. On 9x12 canvas boards
          2. On 11x14 pre-stretched canvases

          You can also get your large painting stretched onto a frame! At 4Cats we stretch your artwork gallery-style on 1.5" deep frame. With a gallery-style stretch, the artwork is wrapped around the sides of the frame and stapled on the back. This means no frame is required, it's ready to hang! Please choose your studio from the dropdown above for pricing info. 

          Party upgrades and add ons can be purchased during the booking process. If you decide to upgrade after the party has been booked please please do so using the link provided in your booking confirmation email. Day of upgrades can be added as well.Please choose your studio from the dropdown above for pricing info.

          Unused prepaid upgrades Any prepaid upgrades or extra guests that do not get used day of the party will be transferred to studio credit at the request of the party host. Credit requests must be made within 2 days of the party. No refunds for unused party upgrades.

          All party selections and options are chosen in the booking process. If you need to make changes (amount of participants, upgrade options) please do so using the link provided in your booking confirmation email. You will not receive a call to confirm details and numbers before the party, however we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email the studio directly.