Penguin Mug

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Play it cool! Our new mug of the season is so cute, you’re gonna flip! Introducing the Penguin Mug! Hand build your penguin mug, design your penguin’s unique look, and then use our underglazes for a bright, vibrant finish!

Maximum Dimensions: 3.5″× 3″
Each person sculpts 1 mug

        1. This workshop is suitable for both adults and family
        2. Recommended minimum age is 6.
        3. If you are registering children, make sure to read the Family Policies before registering. :)
        4. Please note workshops are sold by the seat. We will not have space for observers/helpers. Each person attending must be registered (i.e. parent and child are both registered).
      • Our clay workshops are broken up into 2 parts except for the studios listed at the bottom.

        STEP 1: MAKE

        1. Attend the clay workshop on the date & time you selected.
        2. Watch our curator's step by step instructions in our demonstration area
        3. The demo is about 15 minutes, which means you really have to be on time. :) The demo will commence within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time.
        4. Please arrive on time to ensure you get the full instructions before entering the studio to create your project. Even come a little early! Look around, say hi! Please, please, be on time.
        5. After the demo, you have up to one hour and 15 minutes to sculpt your clay, get creative and add the details. The creating time is self-directed for you to enjoy the process of creating!

        STEP 2: GLAZE

        After you have created your clay piece it will embark on quite the journey :)

        1. First, it will stay in our studio for 4 -10 days to completely dry.
        2. Once dry it will be put into our kiln for it’s first of two firings. This is called the ‘bisque fire’.
        3. Once your clay has been bisque fired, it is time to book your glazing time.
        4. To check the status of your clay so you know when it is ready to glaze, click here. We will not be able to provide clay status info over the phone.
        5. Return to the studio within 2 weeks to glaze your project in our amazing glazing room! Here is when you add details, colour and shine! This time is self-directed, step by step instructions are posted in the room.
        6. Our staff is there to help if needed. You are able to book the glazing room for up to one hour, however, if the next time slot is not full you are welcome to stay a little longer. If one hour is not enough, you are welcome to come back again and book a second glazing time.
        7. At the end of your glazing time, staff will let you know when your piece will be fired and when you can pick up.
        8. You will not receive an email or call with this information.


        All glazing times must be booked, please no drop-ins. Did we mention, please be on time? :)

        GOOD TO KNOW

        Kiln clay explosions are unlikely but they do happen. In the event of a clay piece being damaged due to a kiln explosion, we are happy to provide emotional support and offer you a chance to come in and remake your art piece.


        Clay creation will be ready in 2-4 weeks. You can check your artworks status, with the links provided on top of this window. Our policy is to hold art for 2 weeks, please pick up the completed artwork within this time frame. We do our best to hold on as long as possible as we know how precious it is.

        Please note the following studios make and glaze in the same 1.5 hour session:

        Calgary–Montgomery, AB

        Edmonton–Summerside, AB

        Laval–Vimont, QC

        Regina–Albert Park, SK

        Whitby, ON

        1. Families are welcome to join the workshops unless noted as an adults only workshop. Please note you may be in the demo room with adults and then may be seated at family designated tables in the studio.
        2. Recommended minimum age is 6 years old. All children must be accompanied by an adult who is able to assist the child during the project when necessary.
        3. Please note workshops are sold by the seat. We will not have space for observers/helpers. Each person attending must be registered (i.e. parent and child are both registered). No exceptions.
        4. Children must be supervised at all times and cannot be left in the retail area alone please or be left unattended at any time.
        5. Maximum 2 children per 1 adult.
        6. All clay workshops after 6 pm are for ages 12 and up only.